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A Happy Holiday Wish

Winter has arrived and with it the holiday season has been brought to the forefront.  It is a time of celebration with loved ones and of reflection on our priorities.  The shorter days and long colder nights give us the necessary backdrop for a season where we can be thankful for our families, friends and homes.   But along with all the positives comes the frustration of trying to make arrangements for dinners and a holiday get-together that works around everyone's busy schedule.

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Historically, the third season was referred to as 'harvest' to reflect the activity of the season when the farmers gathered their crops for winter storage.  This period is traditionally between August and November.  The astronomical season begins on the autumnal equinox and ends on the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.

The word 'harvest' comes from the old Norse word 'haust' meaning to gather or pluck.  But as society progressed and more people began moving into cities the term harvest fell out of common use and was replaced by the phrase 'fall of the leaf' to refer to the third season of the year when trees lose their leaves.

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Summer Time Picture

Here we are moving into August and the potential exists for it to be the hottest month of the year although historically the average daily high temperature does start to wane as we move through August and into September.   If July was any harbinger of whats to come then it will indeed be hot!

It has been a rather quiet summer so far and we have enjoyed spending time at our RV.  We did take two grand kids and their bikes for a 9 day visit and they had a really good time.   Their mother wanted to have them enrolled in the day camp offered by Woodhaven and we did enroll them.  For $25 each they are occupied from 9AM to 3PM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  It gave us a bit of a break from entertaining them on their visit.  They also spent many hours at the pool (Woodhaven has two pools and our lot is much closer to pool #1 so that is where they went) and even after day camp they wanted to visit the pool. 

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Fall Leaves

I can't believe how fast this summer went by.  Just yesterday was the 4th of July and summer was in full swing.  Now everyone is getting prepared for the cold that will surely be here in December, January and February. Brr!

Do you remember wearing several layers of clothes just to take the dog for a walk?  Well I can't forget the procedure to get dressed for the outdoors.  Just yesterday we were at the store and my wife was getting items to decorate the house for fall and the celebration of Halloween followed by Thanksgiving.  I actually enjoy these two events but Halloween is by far my favorite.  I  would be happy if Halloween was followed by Valentines day since it is the harbinger of spring and signals the ending of winter.

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Summer Time Small Image

Wow!  It's like someone flipped a switch and turned on the heat.   We went from a wet cool spring into a hot beginning of summer.  The change in the Sun's angle to the earth makes the heat from that burning fusion reactor almost 93 million miles away feel very hot on the skin.  It is really nice because we are able to enjoy many 'summer' things that have been on the shelf since late October 2015.

For those who may be following my blogs, Woodhaven Lakes is just about fully cleaned up from last years tornado that hit the south west corner of the facility.  And now we all get to pay for it through the ever hated - "Special Assessment".  Right now we are not sure just how much that will be but expect to see it published later this year.  They will most likely delay the "announcement" until after the best season of the park - Summer.   But the board still lives in the past and steadfastly refruses to step into the 21st century.   As an example - I have taken my concerns about the limited WI-FI access to the executive director on more than one occasion.  Her answer is always "People do not come to Woodhaven for WI-FI, they come to enjoy nature".  Obviously she hasn't met my grand kids. 

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